Jared Kamrass of Cincinnati, OH

The Technology of Tomorrow: The AI and Blockchain Collision

Jared Kamrass of Cincinnati, OH explains how AI and blockchain have the potential to revolutionize a myriad of industries.

The last decade has seen many technologies make their way into the domain. But there’s no denying that blockchain and artificial intelligence are the most innovative — and their fusion will form the technology of tomorrow.

Jared Kamrass of Cincinnati, OH explains that AI allows machines to help people make decisions. Blockchain allows for transparent, secure, and tamper-proof applications. The crossroads between both have the potential to revolutionize a myriad of industries by improving their efficiency and clarity.

ChatGPT Is an Evolutionary Creation for Technology’s Future

ChatGPT, crafted by OpenAI, is a fantastic example of how artificial intelligence has evolved in recent years, creating intelligent “robots” that can learn from input data and provide outputs similar to humans.

Experts dub ChatGPT a breakthrough in the world of natural language processing thanks to its vast language model that enables human-esque replies to queries. Though, its not perfect.

The application has a plethora of uses for businesses looking to automate certain tasks and enhance their customer experience — adding blockchain to this just increases its power.

How AI and Blockchain Can Work Together to Craft the Future

One significant application of both technologies working together is in cybersecurity.

Digital threats are becoming alarmingly commonplace, and the traditional system-securing methods aren’t cutting the cake. Luckily, AI and blockchain should create a more positive outlook for the industry.

Artificial intelligence can be used to identify and respond to threats. Blockchain tech can maintain security and data integrity. Combining the two ensures a more secure and efficient cybersecurity system for people, companies, and even governments.

But the Future Has Much More in Store for Blockchain and AI

The technological combination is making its way into the supply chain management field.

Blockchain technology can be utilized to craft a secure, transparent supply chain, while artificial intelligence analyzes data to optimize proceedings. This tandem working helps businesses decrease costs, enhance efficiency, and ensure deadlines are met with precision without compromising quality.

It Doesn’t End There

The seemingly unbeatable duo is also making headway in the financial services sector to create efficient, secure payment systems.

AI quickly detects fraudulent patterns and activities, with blockchain bolstering transaction security and integrity. By working together, the technologies reduce the time and cost necessary for overseas transfers, increasing the financial system’s accessibility.

Jared Kamrass Cincinnati OH

And, Of Course, They Have a Roll in Decentralization

Naturally, artificial intelligence and blockchain are helping to realize decentralized marketplaces. Such marketplaces allow buyers and sellers to deal with each other directly without third parties.

Similar to other fields, blockchain ensures authenticity, while AI optimizes and analyzes. The latter also has the ability to make personalized recommendations to buyers based on their shopping habits or recently purchased goods.

The AI/Blockchain Collision is Undeniably the Future of Technology

The artificial intelligence and blockchain crossover has the power to reinvigorate all sorts of industries, including others unmentioned here.

As companies continue looking for ways to automate and improve experiences, such technologies will continue appearing in abundance. And experts are saying they’ll evolve with even more vigor as time goes on.

By Jared Kamrass

Jared Kamrass